Before the regular MLB season starts, you will make the following picks for the season:

  • Division winner, 2nd place and last place for both the American League and National League
  • Wild Card winners (2) from the American League and National League
  • Individual leaders in home runs, batting average, RBI, wins (pitcher), and ERA for both the American League and National League
  • Tiebreaker: How many regular season wins will the Minnesota Twins have?

Changing your picks: You will have an opportunity at the All-Star Break to change up to 14 of your choices (except for the tie-breaker picks).  However, any pick changed at the All-Star Break can only earn half its original points (e.g., if you change a Division Winner pick at the Break, you will only earn 25 points for getting it correct, instead of 50.)

Individual Leaders: These are staggered to improve the odds of earning points.  Using ERA as an example, if the player you pick ends up tops in ERA, you get 30 points.  If he’s second in ERA, you get 20 points.  If he’s third, you get 10 points.

Double Points Bonus:  If you are unique in your choice of individual player picks, you will be eligible for double points in that category.  For instance, if you are the only person to pick Jose Reyes for NL HRs, and he somehow ends up in the mix, you would earn 60 points instead of 30 (if he ends in 1st place), 40 instead of 20 (2nd place), or 20 instead of 10.