About MLBPool2

MLBPool was originally created by Jason Theros. MLBPool came to an end in 2011 and in 2013, a small group of friends resurrected it as MLBPool2. (Original, huh?) Unfortunately, we weren't as smart as Mr. Theros, who had created a website written in ASP which auto-updated the standings and the code was no longer available. This meant we had to do it by hand and published the results in a Google Doc.

In 2015, the same group of friends decided to re-create the league, but for football. Like MLBPool2, the first two years of NFLPool featured all of the updates done by hand. In early 2016, looking for a hobby, I decided to learn Python to automate the scoring process and to keep historical records. The NFLPool application launched in 2017 and MLBPool2 launched in 2018, based on the NFLPool codebase. You can learn more about NFLPool at NFLPool.xyz.

You can learn MLBPool2's rules or view the site credits.

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